Byin Rlab : Transforming into magnificent potential. – Tibetan Blessing

Why Clarity?


This program will help you connect with your deeper self and reach clarity.

Our wellness guides will support you to find your purpose, inner power and pathway to help you achieve whatever you choose.

Along the way, we help you release your inner wisdom, focus and energy for a clear and strong mind.


Who will Benefit?

If you are seeking a purpose beyond just survival or resilience this program is for you.

You will be given the time and space to reflect, restore and regenerate giving you greater clarity and confidence to acheive your own personal goals.

What is Our Approach?

We bring together the best of Eastern mindfulness together with Western intention for action.

We help you still your mind which allows deeper thoughts, possibilities and intentions to emerge.

You can then align your ambition and energy to create a real plan of action, commitment and accountability.

To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.”

– Buddha

Your Guides

We have fully qualified, professional guides, Emma Gray and Malcolm Dunn who have a long tradition with both Western psychological and Eastern thinking to support your journey.

Malcolm Dunn

Malcolm Dunn

Mindfulness, meditation and dharma guide

Emma Gray

Emma Gray

Mindfulness, meditation and dharma guide

Program Format

  • Weekly 1 hour live interactive zoom session in a small group over six weeks
  • + self-assessment
  • + Weekly ‘sharing of wisdom’ video
  • + Participant Action Guide
  • + Goal Achievement Tracker
  • Cost: $695 (inc GST) per person
  • To reserve your space, email and we will be in touch

2022 Dates to be released soon