Natural Elements

“When Nature works for us we should want what we want and nature will work it out for us.”
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Program Overview

Natural Elements is for you if you need to settle into the stillness of nature. Reconnecting with yourself through immersion in the essential elements of air, water, wind, earth and eternal fire.

Your Experience

  • Immersion in reef, range or rainforest
  • Cleansing nutrition
  • Calm meditation

Acharya Guide

Gerry Bodeker

Your Outcomes

  • Sense of stillness
  • Clarity of thinking and feeling
  • Harmony with life

Natural Elements: Schedule and Prices

Duration: 4 days + 3 nights + 3 weeks of support

Natural Elements


  • All Meals, including ‘fuel’ breaks
  • Yoga
  • Wellness consult and assessment
  • Fitness training
  • Post-program support
  • Three Life Coaching sessions


12 – 15 April: Byron Bay: $5950