Zen Calm

The noble minded are calm and steady, Confucius

Program overview

A retreat to inspire living a life of fulfilment, beauty, and passion through a holistic and Zen Calm experience.   

Our guides will take you on a journey through spiritual odyssey, adventure, learning and wonder.



  • nurture in nature; feel the earth under your feet whilst walking in the forest,
  • learn from indigenous wisdom,
  • gather round the fireside sharing stories under the stars,
  • nourishing meals.

Your outcomes

Our Zen Calm experience creates a safe and balanced environment to explore, cultivate and integrated balanced future life.

Practice yoga daily with refined alignment to experience a deeper practice.

Learn relaxation techniques to enhance personal happiness.

Learn more about nutrition to support a healthy lifestyle.

Learn to live a pleasurable life with a sense of harmony.

pristine stillness opens the gateway to clarity of purpose

Your guides

Respected leaders in their fields will come together, guide and lead you on your Zen Calm journey.  Learn more about our guides.

Mark O'Brien

Mark O'Brien

Lead facilitator and yoga guide

Malcolm Dunn

Malcolm Dunn

Mindfulness, meditation and dharma guide

Mogestri Pather

Mogestri Pather

Nutrition and immunity guide

6 day Zen Calm experience, Byron Bay




  • 14 – 19 June 2021

Retreat Program

Day 1

Foundations: finding your roots   

Explore new ways to experience the magic effects of a holistic lifestyle practice

Day 2

Opening to Wonder

Stop feeling jaded and rediscover your enthusiasm and curiosity

Day 3

Divine Balance  

Practice for Inner and outer harmony

Day 4

The Journey Within

Rest into our magical inner world of the senses and the mind

Day 5

Pathways to Freedom

The joy of being “embodied” using our innate intelligence to move and breathe well.

What’s included

  • 5 night’s accommodation at stunning Sansurya, a unique jewel in Byron’s Bay
  • practice yoga with refined alignment
  • learn relaxation techniques to enhance personal happiness
  • spend time to cultivate life goals setting you on your future
  • learn more about nutrition to support a healthy lifestyle
  • wellness consult and assessment, including a personalised nutrition session
  • learn to live a pleasurable life with a sense of harmony
  • nutritional and delicious meals
  • experienced wellness guides

Bookings are available and spaces are limited.  Cost is $4950 per person.